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Finale RPG

Finale RPG

The Application:


Give us your contact info. We like stalking.

1. Name (or alias, etc.)
2. Age (writing overrules age)
3. AIM s/n
4. E-mail
5. Personal Journal
6. Previous experience (we want links, if you have them)


7. Character name
8. Age/Year (if applicable)
9. House (if applicable)
10. Possible PB (PB = name of person in your icons)
11. Physical features
12. Personality
13. Character History
14. Brief synopsis of how you plan to play character / ten things we don't know about your character

The Infamous Writing Part

15. Sample entry (at least three paragraphs)
16. Sample role play (again, at least three paragraphs)

Send applications to:

The Rules:

1. No godmodding/metagaming. The differences between the two are defined below. Neither of them is tolerated, and violation of this particular rule will result in a warning by means of a private email to the player, along with exactly HOW you godmodded/metagamed. The second offense will also result in a warning. By the third offense, your godmodding and/or metagaming will be considered a trend, and you will receive a public warning. This is also grounds for booting from the game, and the house-elves will get a consensus from the players before making a final decision.

a) Godmodding – Character A says Character B did this, when Character B did no such thing, and Character A’s player didn’t have permission from Character B’s player to say this. That’s godmodding. Also, godmodding is very common in RP fight threads – saying “Zach’s fist collided with Dean’s nose” is godmodding, unless Dean’s player has given Zach’s player permission to say that. Remember, you’re in charge of your character only. You can say Zach threw a punch, but always leave room for Dean to duck the blow.

Another form of godmodding is seizing control of an RP to make it play out the way you want it to go. An RP is written by two or more people, thus you cannot overpower the other players with your character.

b) Metagaming – Pansy’s player knows something Pansy herself doesn’t – perhaps that her boyfriend is cheating on her, and Pansy comes out of nowhere to accuse said boyfriend of cheating. Pansy did NOT know of this, thus it is metagaming – using OOC knowledge to your character’s advantage.

2) Stay active. “Active” in FA is defined as at least one post in each character journal per week; two posts if you’re a major character. If you’re going to be unable to post, please make an effort to let us know ahead of time on finn_alley, or via email ( Perhaps we won’t notice a week of silence, but after two weeks of no posting, we’ll send you an email and inquire as to your status (alive, dead, maimed, in jail, apathetic, etc.). Repeated inactivity is grounds for booting.

3) Journal entries are written in first person (I, etc.), and RP threads and/or AIM logs are in third person, past tense (i.e. Terry jumped, not Terry jumps). In other words, RPs are to be written in story format. Also, please make an effort to use correct grammar and spelling in RPs. Journal entries may be a different matter – Crabbe and Goyle misspell things as they please.

4) Here are a few more things to note about character journal entries:

 A character may choose to “hex” an entry private to themselves or a select group of people. In this case, the player must write in the subject line either “Entry hexed private” or “Entry visible to [insert people’s names/name of a group here] only.”

 Italics are always private, unless the character has written in the subject line, “Italics visible to [name/group] only.”

 Struck-out text, such as this, means that the text has been crossed out, and it is no longer visible.

5) And a few more things to note about RP threads/logs:

 All RP threads will be posted on the finale_rpg community. The subject line will read “Open to [name(s) of people/group],” and the person beginning the thread can either post their prompt under a cut if it’s long, or just normally. An example of a prompt is: Remus paced in front of his office, glancing worriedly at the clock and waiting for Harry.

 All RP logs will be posted on the finale_rpg community, under a cut. To make an LJ cut, copy and paste the text below, and delete the *’s.

<*lj-cut text=”Type heading here; for example – Dumbledore and McGonagall talk about the coming war”>
text text text text

6) Owls to characters, or public announcements, such as those made by Dumbledore, will be posted in finale_rpg under a cut, with the heading “Owl to [Character]” or “Announcement.”

7) FA has a democratic policy – the house-elves post applications in finn_alley, and players may give feedback. Depending on the majority vote, accepted or rejected, the applicant will receive an email and will be notified of their acceptance or rejection.

8) If a player has a problem with another player, please don’t drag those problems into IC situations. They’re obvious when they occur, and they make the RPG look bad. Keep OOC and IC separate. Also if there’s any major problem, you’re welcome to email the house elves at .

9) On behalf of our Britpick, we request that you avoid some of the more glaring Americanisms.

10) Have fun, and if, under any circumstances, you have to leave, email the house elves and let them know.

Taken PB List for finale_rpg

Adrian Pucey - Jake Gyllenhaal
Aldous Mulciber - Johnny Depp
Alicia Spinnet - Mila Kunis
Angelina Johnson - Zoe Saldana
Antonin Mulciber - Anton Lesser
Anthony Goldstein - Charlie Hunnam
Blaise Zabini - Hayden Christensen
Daphne Greengrass - Sarah Michelle Gellar
Draco Malfoy - Tom Felton
Emmeline Vance - Halle Berry
Ginny Weasley - Lauren Ambrose
Gilderoy Lockheart - Kenneth Branagh
Gregory Goyle - Josh Herdman
Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe
Hermione Granger - Emma Watson, Natalie Portman
Hestia Jones - Mariska Hargitay
Justin Finch-Fletchley - Aaron Stanford
Katie Bell - Kirsten Dunst
Kevin Entwhistle - Shawn Ashmore
Kevin Whitby - Gregory Smith
Lavender Brown - Isabel Lucas
Lisa Turpin - Anna Paquin
Lona Vector - Janel Moloney
Lucius Malfoy - Jason Isaacs
Marietta Edgecomb - Alicia Witt
Millicent Bulstrode - Chloe Sevigny
Minerva McGonagall - Maggie Smith
Narcissa Malfoy Mulciber - Julie Benz
Nymphadora Tonks - Pink
Oliver Wood - Cillian Murphy
Padma Patil - Parminder Nagra
Pansy Parkinson - Alessandra Ambrosio
Parvati Patil - Parminder Nagra
Percy Weasley - Ethan Embry
Pomona Sprout - Miriam Margolyes
Ronald Weasley - Prince Harry
Seamus Finnigan - Devon Murray
Severus Snape - Alan Rickman
Stephen Cornfoot - Randy Harrison
Su Li - Zhang Ziyi
Susan Bones - Charisma Carpenter
Viktor Krum - Joaquin Pheonix
Vincent Crabbe - Jamie Waylett
Zacharias Smith - Chad Michael Murray
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